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Your personal retirement plans will have to be your primary method of funding your retirement and you should consider all the tools at your disposal to plan for and achieve your retirement goals.
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Karl Klingmann Level 1
In all likelihood, yes. However, keep in mind the IRS mandates that the contributions are made within a timely manner.
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Brian Kuhn CFP® Level 17
Perhaps this article is helpful.
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Contact your human resources department or the controller's office. They will be able to tell you what your balance is.
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Frank Reilly Level 18
Though there are many similarities between group annuity plans and net asset value (NAV) plans, there are also very important differences as well. Essentially, if you have not flatten or levelized compensation with both your Provider and your Advisor, ...(more)
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Leon, There are two fundamental differences: who will be contributing to the plan and how the benefits will be collected. A 401(k) plan is a type of defined contribution plan that is funded primarily by employee salary deferrals. Generally, the employer ...(more)
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Frank Reilly Level 18
To answer the question specifically, ‘vesting’ is a term used to describe when an employee is entitled unconditionally to keep the money in a retirement plan. Therefore, you maintain control over any vested amount and your employer cannot withhold those ...(more)
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The law states the recordkeeper has to send you a statement quarterly. Do you receive these or remember who the 401K provider was?
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Ask for the Summary Plan Document. Take that to your advisor and they should be able to tell you exactly what you can and cannot do with your money. Every plan has different rules and their is no way to know with out the Plan Document.
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Stacy While your decision to 'cash out' your 401k is not in your best interest. You can roll over the 401k to an IRA and then cash out. There is nothing your former employer can do about this. Before you do this consult with a fiduciary adviser. They ...(more)
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My guess would be that his custodian doesn't service 403b accounts, so he is trying to talk you into something with which he can work.
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Hello Refini, You are definitely on the right path and are asking the right questions. Here are a few suggestions that might make things easier. First decide if you want to have a advisor help with the creation, ongoing maintenance, and employee education ...(more)
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Salo Aizenberg Level 7
Thanks for the question. It looks like you covered most of the key fees and probably some that should not cost you anything (e.g. the existing fees should cover trades within a 401(k) plan, there should not be trading and transaction fees). There are ...(more)
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Stacy... Based on what you are telling me and the way I am understanding it the answer is NO they cannot just distribute the amount you put in and leave the vested company contribution balance in the plan. But before you go at them get a copy of the plan ...(more)
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Ditto on David's answer. Additionally, please be very careful (read: don't do it) about putting account numbers on the web. It is a bad idea.
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Elizabeth, Please contact the HR Department of your husband's place of employment. They will be able to describe what benefits are available to you and the steps you need to follow in order to gain access to the benefits. Dave
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