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Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFA

Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFA

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Other Names: Charles Lewis Sizemore, Charles Sizemore
Type: RIA

Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFA is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Sizemore Capital Management LLC, an RIA firm based in Dallas, Texas offering investment advisory services to clients, including managed accounts, ETF portfolios, equity portfolios, IRA and Roth IRA management, retirement planning, and educational ...(see more)

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Sizemore Capital Management 7 years, 9 months Mar 2008 - Present
Sizemore Capital Management, LLC 7 years, 9 months Mar 2008 - Present
Hs Dent Investment Management 6 years, 3 months Sep 2004 - Dec 2010
ExamSeriesPassed Date
Uniform Securities Agent State Law ExaminationSeries 63 12/02/2014

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Answered Jun 22, 2012 near Dallas, TX
11 votes
There are a couple points to consider here: What is the time horizon of these riskier investments? If these risky investments are ones that you intend to buy and hold for a while, it makes more sense to put them in a taxable account and to save your ...(more)
Answered Jun 25, 2012 near Dallas, TX
11 votes
Futures have little use as an investment vehicle for the vast majority of investors, unless you happen to be a farmer or miner hedging your production (and I KNOW that the vast majority of Brightscope readers are farmers looking for advice on how to hedge ...(more)
Answered Jun 20, 2012 near Dallas, TX
10 votes
The comments about choosing a fee-based advisor are spot on. When an advisor is paid a fee that is based on a percentage of the assets managed, they have every incentive to grow your nest egg responsibly without taking undue risk. Here are a few other ...(more)
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Investing in Preferred Stock: What You Need to Know

Published Jul 26, 2012
5 votes
With yields on bonds and CDs so low as to almost be insulting, investors are finding themselves searching for income in places they might normally have never thought to look. I’ve written extensively about dividend ...(more)

Spotting a Value Trap

Published Jun 18, 2012
9 votes
Question: When looking at cheaply-priced stocks, how do you know which ones are solid value stocks and which ones are dreaded value traps? Answer: The value stocks eventually recover, whereas the value traps do not. ...(more)

European Dividend Stocks: What You Need to Know

Published Jun 06, 2012
10 votes
For all the talk of dividend investing in recent years, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the average U.S. stock, as measured by the S&P 500, still yields a paltry 1.9%. Even ...(more)
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In a world of deleveraging, inflation is not your primary concern.

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Sizemore Capital is making a strategic allocation shift for all ETF portfolios with U.S. large cap exposure. This affects the Tactical ETF Portfolio and the Strategic Growth Allocation.

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The Sizemore Investment Letter

Charles Sizemore weaves traditional value investing with his unique blend of history, demographics, and global current events into each issue of the Sizemore Investment Letter.

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