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Nicholas Olesen, CFP®, CRPC®

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Other Names: Nicholas James Dubose Olesen, Nicholas Olesen

Olesen Wealth Management, The Philadelphia Group

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Type: SEC and FINRA Registered

I built Olesen Wealth Management to help alleviate the stress and worry I saw people associate with investing and financial planning. My team and I combine the most sophisticated investment solutions and cutting edge technology with personalized financial planning advice to ensure that all of our clients feel confident ...(see more)

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Private Advisor Group, LLC 3 years, 5 months May 2012 - Present
LPL Financial LLC 5 years, 5 months May 2010 - Present
Ameriprise Financial 4 years, 3 months Feb 2006 - May 2010
James Madison University 2 years, 4 months Aug 2003 - Dec 2005
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives 4 years, 4 months Aug 2001 - Dec 2005
ExamSeriesPassed Date
Uniform Combined State Law ExaminationSeries 66 07/12/2006
General Securities Representative ExaminationSeries 7 07/05/2006

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Level 20 Level 20 Contributor 25 Answers and 26 Financial Articles

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Answered Jan 06, 2012 near King of Prussia, PA
18 votes
This is probably the most common question retirement planning advisor get. Unfortunately, it depends on so many things: desired lifestyle in retirement, fixed income sources in retirement, current assets, and so on. I would recommend either finding ...(more)
Answered Jan 08, 2012 near King of Prussia, PA
16 votes
William, great question! There actually isn't an age limit on the Traditional IRA to Roth IRA conversion. There are a few benefits to the conversion but also a few things to think about before doing it. First, the benefits: 1. Converted funds are no ...(more)
Answered Jan 06, 2012 near King of Prussia, PA
14 votes
Roxanne, the only advantage to keeping an old 401(k) with a former company would be if there were enough investment options to properly manage it or the options are not available outside the 401(k). Other than those two reasons, I would recommend opening ...(more)
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Is it time for a year-end rally?

Published 9 hours ago
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Lately, the most common question I’ve gotten is, “Are we going to be up by the end of the year?” I think it’s probably on most investors mind, as we are now down over 5% ...(more)

"Fiduciary" Vs. "Suitable"...One of The Most Important Choices an Investor Will Make

Published Apr 16, 2012
16 votes
Let’s first start with talking about what a “fiduciary” is and then how to figure out if your advisor is one. If you look up the word “fiduciary” in the dictionary, it’ll say something like, ...(more)

Bonds continue to be the story, even as stocks hit all-time highs

Published Jun 04, 2015
0 votes
Happy June and the start of summer! This month I am going to review the current trend that stocks have been on and some contradicting U.S. economic data. For the video version, visit: http://bit.ly/OWM-2015-06 As ...(more)
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Advisor Information


Business Insider: A Basic Theory About Age and Investing Has Been Debunked - October 2, 2012

This Business Insider article features Nicholas' opinion on the wrong advice many get to reduce their risk as they get older, even if they want to take on risk. Nicholas uses tactical management for managing clients assets and shows here why it isn't always right to reduce risk just because of age.

Business Insider: Financial Planner Explains How Easy It Is To Move From Cash To Investments - October 2, 2012

Nicholas was featured for his advice on how investors can get back into the markets after sitting on the sidelines for so long in this Business Insider article

Thompson Reuters: Investors hammer advisors with JP Morgan concerns - Nicholas shares the way he helped clients understand the JP Morgan trading loss in this article from May 16, 2012.

Nicholas was used as the main source and quoted throughout this article about how investors are handling the news of JP Morgan's $2B trading loss. Nicholas was interviewed for this article and shared how he was helping clients understand the risk JP Morgan took and how this is different from what occurred in 2008.

Thompson Reuters: "American Funds clamps down to improve bond fund" - Nicholas' investment advice was featured in this article from May 9, 2012.

American Funds largest fund, the Bond Fund of America, has been underperforming its peers and, because of this, the managers have decided to change how it is managed. Nicholas was interviewed for this article, as he has given clients advice on when to own it and when not to.

Wall Street Journal: Nicholas Olesen, On Interactive Technology

Nicholas was featured in the Financial Advisor Blog of the Wall Street Journal on May 10, 2012. He is constantly striving to incorporate technology into his client service in order to make it easier for his clients to meet with him and recieve personal financial advice.

"The Workers That Vanished" Nicholas was quoted as a primary source for this CNBC article on the current state of unemployment and how it isn't telling the whole story.

This CNBC article featured Nicholas as a primary source on the current state of unemployment and how the numbers are not truly reporting the number of people unemployed. This was published on Febuary 24, 2012.

"Cure The Worry Bug With Extra Dose of Education" Nicholas was quoted in this AllBusiness article on employer sponsored programs for education employees on various financial topics

This AllBusiness article, published on February 7, 2012, featured Nicholas as a financial expert about education programs for emploees. The article discusses various financial topics that are covered and the need for more employees to take advantage of them.

"The Rise and Fall of Employer-Sponsored Pension Plans" Nicholas was quoted in this WorkForce Management Magazine article

This WorkForce Management magazine, March edition, was a special on retirement planning. Nicholas was used as a source in a few of the articles for the magazine.

"The Pros and Cons of Company Stock" Nicholas was quoted in this Bankrate.com article as a financial expert on owning company stock.

This Bankrate.com article featured Nicholas as a primary source about owning stock in the company where a person works. This was published on February 3, 2012.

"Hurry-Up Offense" Retirement? Nicholas' retirement planning advice was featured in this CNBC article about an unusual way to "plan" for retirement

This CNBC article featured Nicholas' financial advice about how not planning properly can hurt investors and make for a scary last few working years. This "Hurry-Up Offense" strategy is impractical and unnecessary. Investors should plan for retirement at least 15 years before their desired retirement age. Nicholas discusses retirement, saving, investing, and investors need for an independent financial planner.

Should retirees take Social Security early? Nicholas financial planning advice was featured in this CNBC article.

This CNBC article featured Nicholas discussing reasons to not take Social Secutiry early, the penalties incurred by doing so, the tax issue with taking it, and the possible future of the Social Security system. Investors and retirees should discuss options with a comprehensive wealth manager before making any decisions.

"Cracking Your Nest Egg Early" Nicholas was quoted on CNBC as a financial expert on retirement planning and options for investors who need to withdraw retirement funds but are not yet retired

This CNBC article featured Nicholas as the financial expert on retirement planning and strategies to withdraw retirement funds without incurring excess penalties. Nicholas discusses 401(k)s, Roth IRAs, taxes, retirement, and annuities.

Nicholas was used as a source for htis USA Today article about how the 2012 elections may finally stop the policital gridlock keep stocks in trading range

This USA Today article featured Nicholas as a source about wealth management and the affect the upcoming 2012 elections will have on the stock market. For the individual investor, this has been a very frustrating market to invest in. The stocks have stayed in a fairly narrow trading range and, unfortunately, many investors haven't take advantage of this.

Nicholas was used as a source for this USA Today article about the Euro deal in October of 2011

This USA Today article was written the day that the Euro deal was struck, October 27, 201. Financial markets rallied on the news along with the continuous recovery of US economy. These news stories are more reasons that a tactical approach to wealth management help investors.

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