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Ryan A. Fox, MBA

Ryan A. Fox, MBA

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Other Names: Ryan Andrew Fox, Ryan Fox
Firm: No Current Employment Listed
Additional Firm:
Financial Advisory Services, LLC
Co-Chief Investment Officer

Ryan Fox is an independent, fee only advisor with the Financial Consulate in Gettysburg, PA. Financial Consulate primarily manages accounts for individuals, high net worth individuals, and corporations or other businesses and has more than $253M in assets under management. This advisor is registered with the SEC. This advisor's ...(see more)

Advisor Timeline

No timeline events available.
The Financial Consulate Inc. 3 years, 10 months May 2011 - Present
Infinex Investments, Inc. 2 years, 2 months Feb 2009 - May 2011
Adams County National Bank 3 years, 9 months Aug 2007 - May 2011
Fox Independent Investment Advisory 2 years, 7 months May 2005 - Dec 2007
South Western School District 3 years Aug 2004 - Aug 2007
Elizabethtown College 12 years, 6 months Sep 2002 - Present
Eastern University 8 years, 7 months Sep 2002 - Apr 2011
ExamSeriesPassed Date
Uniform Investment Adviser Law ExaminationSeries 65 10/30/2010
Futures Managed Funds ExaminationSeries 31 09/16/1997
Uniform Securities Agent State Law ExaminationSeries 63 09/03/1997
General Securities Representative ExaminationSeries 7 08/22/1997

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Answered Apr 24, 2012 near Gettysburg, PA
16 votes
Sustainable investing has become a much bigger realm over the last ten years or so. Many companies that once largely ignored this realm now embrace the practice as part of their ongoing culture within the business community. What Scott has posted is ...(more)
Answered Apr 24, 2012 near Gettysburg, PA
12 votes
A large lump sum with a 16 month time horizon for a wedding/honeymoon? Congratulations in advance. If this is a very large sum, be careful not to exceed FDIC limits if you go with a savings account. There is a different between a money market mutual ...(more)
Answered Aug 17, 2012 near Gettysburg, PA
10 votes
Hi Hugh, Congrats on investigating some ideas through a portal like Brightscope. You will get a number of thoughts and opinions and I am pleased to share mine. An equity linked CD is a rather complex product sold by brokerage firms. My first question ...(more)
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Generational Retirement Planning

Published Sep 13, 2012
3 votes
What are some suggestions at various stages of life? 20-30s: Enroll in your company's retirement plan and start small but add funds consistently. Look to start a separate Roth IRA with funds. Pay off student ...(more)

Olympics of Retirement Planning

Published Sep 13, 2012
1 vote
1. Plan: Retirement is a wonderful experience but nerve wracking. You cannot just turn off the work switch after a 40 or 50 year work history - it doesn't work financially or psychologically. You must ...(more)

Interviewing a Potential Financial Advisory Firm: What to Ask

Published Jul 09, 2012
4 votes
1. Compensation: commission or fee based means they might sell you products that only meet suitability (ie: in the ballpark) requirements. Fee only means not just in the ballpark but the best seat for your ...(more)
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