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Rick Epple, CFP®

Rick Epple, CFP®

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Other Names: Richard Epple, Richard Lee Epple

Epple Financial Advisors, LLC

Type: RIA

Rick Epple, CFP® is a owner/trusted financial advisor in Wayzata, MN. We help clients throughout the country.

I work with successful small business owners including dentists and retirees/near retirees.

What I do:
• Simply, I help small business owners achieve financial independence quicker than they would on ...(see more)

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Epple Financial Advisors, LLC 12 years, 9 months Jan 2003 - Present
Aurochs Financial Group, LLC 14 years, 11 months Nov 2000 - Present
ExamSeriesPassed Date
Uniform Investment Adviser Law ExaminationSeries 65 09/08/2000

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Retirement Plans for the Small Business

Published May 31, 2012
5 votes
Most business owners are overwhelmed and consumed by running their business and keeping customers and clients happy. The business owner is pulled in very different directions and usually planning and focusing on the future of ...(more)

7 Steps to Financial Freedom for a Business Owner

Published Feb 20, 2012
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As you prepare for tax day, are you thinking, I have been working as a business owner for a number of years and while I make a good income, I have no idea if I ...(more)
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Northwest Dentistry Magazine, May/June 2011 – “Dentists Planning for Financial Independence”

As we complete the first quarter of 2011, are you thinking, I have been working as a dentist for a number of years, and while I make a good income, I have no idea if I am on track for retirement? How do I take control of my future? The following process can be used to start you on your way.

Smart Money Magazine, September 2011 – “Can Starting a Business Ruin Your Retirement?”

For older Americans determined to start their own business, advisers recommend starting with a retirement plan; but less than half of small-business owners are covered by one, says Lichtenstein. Owners have four flavors to choose from -- Simple IRA, SEP IRA, 401(k) or defined benefit plans. Business owners with no employees should opt for the individual 401(k) or the SEP IRA, says Rick Epple, owner of Epple Financial Advisors in Wayzata, Minn.

NAPFA Fiduciary Campaign

Rick Epple, CFP® of Epple Financial Advisors was interviewed by Ben Lewis of Perception, Inc for the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors’ (NAPFA) Focus on Fiduciary Campaign. Rick was asked for his insight and experience in acting as a fiduciary for his clients.

The Best Bet for College Savings

Lower tax rates on capital gains and dividends have some wondering what's the best way to save for college now. Before the new tax law, 529 college savings plans were the best option for most people because of the great tax breaks.

Bankrate.com, July 14, 2008 – “When to terminate a term life policy”

Rick Epple, a Certified Financial Planner with Epple Financial Advisors in Minnetrista, Minn., says many of his clients are couples who hold onto his and her term policies as a sort of "grief insurance" long after its necessary. "I think it's a comfort level," he says. "It's not a huge multiple (of income) but it's going to give them a year to recover should something happen. "When I look at it that way, the cost isn't very expensive, so to me it makes sense. It's not, 'Oh, you're making this horrible decision!'"

Minneapolis Star Tribune, November 22, 2009 – “Financial advisers don’t all follow the same rules”

Investors also must pay attention to their investments, whether working with a broker or an investment adviser. "The consumer still needs to be diligent. They need to understand the reason for the recommendation, the 'whys' behind it," said Rick Epple, a Wayzata-based certified financial planner who has been involved with NAPFA's Focus on Fiduciary campaign.

Tax Act Encourages Business Purchases in 2009

President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) into law on February 17, 2009. The new law includes significant incentives to encourage equipment purchasing this year. You may be asking yourself, is there any benefit to me? The short answer is “perhaps”. With some quick planning and implementation, you could realize a sizeable benefit.

Advisor Perspectives, February 2010 – “Six Ways to Make the Most of your Web Site”

Rick Epple, CFP® was interviewed for an article on web site marketing. The article was written by Nancy Opiela and during the interview, we discussed various aspects of my website including the implementation of a private portal for each client and the “Smart Decision Process”.

Dental Products Report Magazine, April 2011

Rick Epple, CFP® of Epple Financial Advisors, LLC. has been selected by Dental Practice Report magazine as one of the “2011 Best Financial Advisers for Dentists in America” list in their April 2011 edition.

JoanFriedlander.com Blog , August 2011 – “Moody Market – Good Time to Review Risk Capacity”

“I am amazed at the major swings when nothing has changed fundamentally from day to day except people’s emotions.”~ Rick Epple, Epple Financial

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