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Evan M. Levine, ChFC

Evan M. Levine, ChFC

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Other Names: Evan M Levine, Evan Marc Levine
Evan M. Levine, ChFC
President/Chief Compliance Officer

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Type: Not Actively Registered

The emphasis of Evan's practice is placed on comprehensive, transparent and client-centered financial advice. With twenty-threeyears of experience, his practice focuses on helping investors and 401-k particpants plan to achieve their long-term financial life goals and objectives covering accumulation, protection and distribution ...(see more)

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Answered Mar 29, 2012 near Port Washington, NY
16 votes
Equity-indexed Life insurance is a very complex product and not very transparent. It may or may not be smart for you to continue at this juncture; a more thorough analysis is needed. Our office has considerable experience in this niche area. Feel free ...(more)
Answered Jan 05, 2012 near Port Washington, NY
12 votes
If you are a plan sponsor, you are serving as a fiduciary - UNLESS you have contractually delegated that function to an investment manager that has acknowledged fiduciary responsibility under ERISA section 3(38). Good luck!
Answered Apr 24, 2012 near Port Washington, NY
11 votes
I have no idea and doubt anyone esle does, including economists - at least not in the short term. When it comes to complex systems like economics and politics, trying to predict the short term future is almost - if not completely - immposible. There is ...(more)
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Two Things Smart Employers Know About Their 401k

Published Jan 29, 2014
0 votes
For many of us, a 401k will be the cornerstone of our retirement income plan. With traditional defined benefit pension plans going the way of the pay phone and typewriter – Americans are now charged ...(more)

Three Pillars Of A Solid 401-k Plan

Published Oct 24, 2013
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The 401-k plan – for better or worse – has become the primary method for Americans to accumulate funds for later in life. And despite a few shortcomings, the fact is 401-k plans still offer ...(more)

What Every Plan Sponsor And Participant Needs To Know About 401(k) Fees

Published Sep 19, 2013
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A 65 year old couple in good health faces about 50/50 odds that one of them will still be ticking at age 95. That means they will need to plan for at least thirty (30) ...(more)
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