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David G. Niggel, CFP®, ChFC®, AIF®

David G. Niggel, CFP®, ChFC®, AIF®

Fiduciary Advisor helping you achieve financial independence

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Other Names: David G Niggel
Key Wealth Partners, LLC
President/Ceo/Chief Compliance Officer
Type: RIA

Key Wealth Partners, LLC is founded on fee-only, fiduciary advice, to serve the clients’ highest interests. Key Wealth Partners, LLC is proud to be among a select handful of advisors across the country who has assumed a higher level of duty than is commonly available. Key Wealth Partners, LLC is held to this highest standard ...(see more)

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Key Wealth Partners, LLC 5 years, 9 months Feb 2010 - Present
Fluid Conditioning Products 11 years, 12 months Dec 2003 - Present
ExamSeriesPassed Date
Uniform Securities Agent State Law ExaminationSeries 63 10/03/1991

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Answered Apr 24, 2012 near Lititz, PA
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A check made out to the qualified charitable organization with a receipt from them is the cleanest way to ensure your charitable tax deduction is the amount donated. Giving away an automobile to a charity was once straightforward. You could claim the ...(more)
Answered Apr 02, 2012 near Lititz, PA
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Reuben, Another thing to add to your list is an emergency fund. Most advisors will suggest at least 6 months worth of expenses to be set aside in a cash equivalent account. A recent article that I read, suggested even having an entire year set aside. ...(more)
Answered Apr 24, 2012 near Lititz, PA
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I am with Ryan on this question. If the money does not need to be touched for at least 12 months, I would stick with a bank or credit union CD. If you would need access to the money for deposits on venues, caterers, flowers etc., then a money market ...(more)
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The 401(k) Solution · Fee-only, independent Registered Investment Advisors that serve as both ERISA 3(21) and 3(38) advisors, taking some liability off of the plan sponsor. · Expert, one-on-one advice to plan participants. · Access ...(more)

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RETIREMENT PLAN SPONSORS and plan fiduciaries are encouraged to be proactive in response to the DOL’s 408(b)2 regulation. Although the effective date is July 1, 2012, plan fiduciaries should begin now to implement a best-practice, ...(more)
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Facebook market swings - Ho Hum. Harry Markowitz

His advice: Don’t worry too much about Facebook’s oscillating stock price. Or, for that matter, about gyrations in another big stock in the news, JPMorgan Chase, after the disclosure of a precarious multibillion-dollar hedging strategy.

How the four stock premiums work. CBS Marketwatch. Larry Swedroe

It's well established in the academic literature that there are four factors (or what can be called "drivers of returns") that determine the vast majority of the risk and return of diversified portfolios.

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"Investors today are increasingly responsible for their own retirement, so it's critical that they have all the information they need to plan," says Jean Setzfand, AARP vice president of financial security. "Fees are often hard to read and understand even when you know you are paying them."

401(k) Is your retirement plan getting ripped off?

In one recent study by AARP, seven in 10 workers said they didn't realize they were paying any 401(k) fees at all. "There are enormous dollar amounts involved," says former plan consultant Frank Cirullo. "Employees are getting ripped off." Indeed, even though advisers always stress the importance of keeping investing expenses down, many 401(k) plans don't do so.

Why Panic? A Couple’s Nest Egg Better Left Alone, New York Times, DFA Dimensional Fund Advisors

You have heard this refrain before. It includes building a well-balanced portfolio, while keeping investment costs and taxes to a minimum. It also means giving up efforts to pick the next Apple or the next hotshot money manager and not trying to get out of the stock market before it crashes again. It also helps to turn off the television. You have to stay disciplined and stick with your plan, not only in good times but in more challenging times as well.

401(k) Strategies Even the Lazy Can Love: ASPPA Summit

401(k) Retirement Plans that are the most successful have automatic plan features. People just want help. 1. Automatic Enrollment 2. Automatic Rebalancing 3. Advisor Managed Portfolios 4. Enhanced Communication

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