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Acacia Wealth Advisors, LLC

Acacia Wealth Advisors, LLC is a RIA based in Beverly Hills, CA with $645M in AUM and with 4 advisors nationwide.

Advisors (4)

Name Start Date
Amy Stacy Born Jan 2008
Alev Turkben Lewis Apr 2005
Meloni Midori Hallock Jul 2005
Joseph Lee Rosol Feb 2012
*Unless otherwise noted, an advisor's inclusion in the above list is based on that advisor's registration as per their SEC registration filing. Please note that the advisor is required to provide this information only while registered with an investment advisor firm and the information is not updated through Form U4 after the advisor ceases to be registered. Therefore, an advisor listed above may no longer be employed by that firm. Please contact the firm directly to determine the employment status of the advisors listed above.

Top ETF Holdings

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Firm Assets Under Management

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Estimated Average Account Balance
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  •   Acacia Wealth Management, Inc. (75% or more)
  •   Executives with less than 5% share each

*The pie chart is not drawn to scale and is simply included to make the data visually understandable. The ownership is from the firm's or advisor's Form ADV. Executives with less than 5% share may not own any of the firm. Please see the Form ADV for complete disclosure.

Executives and Control Persons

Name Title Tenure Date
Meloni Midori Hallock Chief Executive Officer 07/01/2005
Alev Turkben Lewis President/Chief Operating Officer 03/01/2005
Amy Stacy Born Chief Compliance Officer 11/01/2012

Affiliated Investment Advisors and Broker Dealers

No firm affiliates listed.

Principal Office & Place of Business

Principal Office

245 South Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills , CA 90212-3807
Phone Number: 310-246-0560

Firm Compensation Arrangements

Types of Compensation Arrangements

  • Percentage of Assets
  • Fixed Fees