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A Robert Neurath Profit Sharing Plan Fbo A Robert Neurath
Form 5500 | Basic Information
Plan Information
Plan Year 01/01/2006 — 12/31/2006
Effective Date of Plan 07/20/1990
Net Assets as of 12/31/2006 $0
Plan Number 1
Plan Type Single Employer
Is the plan collectively bargained? No
Did the plan file for an extension of time or the DFVC Program? No
Plan Funding Arrangement General assets of sponsor
Plan Benefit Arrangement General assets of sponsor

Participant Information as of 12/31/2006
Active (Eligible) Participants 1
Retired or separated participants receiving benefits 0
Other retired or separated participants entitled to future benefits 0
Subtotal 1
Deceased participants whose beneficiaries are receiving or are entitled to receive benefits 0
Total 1
Total number of participants as of 01/01/2006 1
Number of participants with account balances 1
Number of participants that terminated employment during the plan year with accrued benefits that were less than 100% vested 0
Number of participants required to be reported on Schedule SSA 0

Plan Sponsor Information
Address Po Box 158
Pocono Lake, PA 18347 -0158
EIN 62-1748431
Industry Code 541700
Named Administrator A Robert Neurath
Named Plan Sponsor A Robert Neurath

Plan Administrator Information
Administrator Name SAME
Administrator EIN

Plan Preparer Information
Preparer Name Ron Filante
Address 150 Lovell Rd
New Rochelle, NY 10804
Preparer EIN

Benefits Provided Under the Plan
Code Benefit Description
2G Total participant-directed account plan Participants have the opportunity to direct the investment of all the assets allocated to their individual accounts, regardless of whether 29 CFR 2550.404c-1 is intended to be met.