Orthodyne Electronics Corporation

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Orthodyne Electronics Corporation



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Plan Description

Orthodyne Electronics Corporation Employee Stock Ownership Plan is a defined contribution plan with a stock bonus component and ESOP component. Orthodyne Electronics Corporation Employee Stock Ownership Plan currently has fewer than 100 active participants and over $3.5M in plan assets.

Plan Details

Plan Details Relevant details about the plan and the plan sponsor, including the address and industry of the plan sponsor and the size of the plan in assets and participants.

Plan data accurate as of 12/31/2012
Plan data has been audited by an Independent Qualified Public Accountant (IQPA).
Address 532 Colorado Avenue Second Floor
  • Location
    Santa Monica , CA
  • 90401
  • Industry
  • Administrator
    Nicholas L. Saakvitne
  • Net Plan Assets
  • Total Participants
  • Avg Account Balance


Plan Service Provider

Wright Ford Young

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