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Financial Questions and Answers

About BrightScope

  • How do I know BrightScope is truly independent?

    BrightScope is the only 401k analytics firm that is truly independent and does not accept compensation in the form of revenue sharing from mutual fund companies or plan providers. BrightScope is aligned with plan sponsors and seeks to avoid conflicts that will jeopardize its ability to give its clients unbiased advice. To learn more about our commitment to independence, please read our Research and Analytics Objectivity Policy.

  • What is the story behind the creation of BrightScope?

    BrightScope is an idea brought to life by two investment managers, and a long term HP engineering veteran. For years, the three had discussed the challenges human resource executives faced with 401k plan evaluation and benchmarking because benefits data has been controlled by a small group of companies that are not incentivized or governed by the same fiduciary standards that a plan sponsor must honor. Unfortunately, HR managers and senior executives had little they could do about it. Together the three founders of BrightScope set out to achieve a lofty dream: to enhance and protect the retirement security, health, and welfare of America's workforce by increasing the transparency and efficiency of the company benefits market. In 2007 they formed BrightScope and began to build the BrightScope RatingTM Engine. They spent the first year analyzing 401k filings and industry data and running 401k performance simulation tests. In 2008, the BrightScope team began constructing a user-friendly website and distribution platform. BrightScope.com publicly launched at the end of January 2009.