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Toni, I believe that in almost every case you'd be better off rolling over your 401k assets to an IRA managed either by an investment advisor or by yourself. In doing so you'll have much greater flexibility as to the available investments and will likely ...(more)
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Yes the questions would change as my response was predicated on the relationship being more focused on investments.
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Are you a registered investment advisor (RIA, paid by fees) or a registered representative (stockbroker, paid by commissions)? How do you charge for your services? Are you a fiduciary (do you have a legal responsibility to put my needs and interests ...(more)
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Recently 401k vendor Lincoln National set 'shockwaves' across the bow of this topic with this headline: "Investors Will Scream When They See 401(k) Fees" I discuss this topic and offer remedies to the fee disclosure matter, and how plan sponsors may prepare, ...(more)
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Shawn A. Wilson Level 9
Ryan- I have read your are looking at starting a business in New York, have you prepared a complete business plan with spreadsheets of your first year expenses and expected revenue along with a thorough examination of the industry you may ...(more)
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See this brochure from the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (TM) Board of Standards - It should be very helpful. You can also print it and take it with you when interviewing your prospective advisor. Good luck!
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Shawn A. Wilson Level 9
Most likely a packaged product issued by an insurance company called a variable annuity with guaranteed living benefits purchased for the benefit of either you alone or the inclusion of your spouse or domestic partner. Inside this variable annuity are ...(more)
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Most brokers operate under what is called the “suitability standard”, which simply means that the securities they recommend must be appropriate for you given your financial profile. However, many of the securities that can be considered “suitable” may ...(more)
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Financial advisors that are not "Fee-Only" (such as brokers) may choose to offer you only those investments which pay the highest commissions. To illustrate this point, let’s consider an example. Let’s say Investment A is the best investment for you, ...(more)
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My personal/professional opinion is that it is best to avoid borrowing from your retirement plan unless you have exhausted all other options. On the other hand a fellow professional whose views I have great respect for absolutly disagrees with me on ...(more)
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There may be a difference in the level or type of services provided...although it could just be the title.
1 vote is an excellent resource.
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Fee only advisor are not limited by the scope or product or service they are offering. However they often cannot provide insurance or annuity products because they are commissionable and if those are appropriate for you, you will have to be referred ...(more)
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None. A commission based advisor may be driven to recommend what pays he/she the most rather than what is best for you. Fee based or Fee only advisor typically provide more unbiased advice.
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That there is an individual, team of analysts, or computer program that are making proactive (and sometimes reactive) trades to your underlying fun investments rather than just tracking and index, such as the S&P 500, which would be considered a passive ...(more)
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