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Toni - your financial advisor should have a service model that they implement with you. For example, I meet face to face with clients as a minimum once a year. Some clients I meet with quarterly. Others I meet with every six months and have conference ...(more)
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Your plan provider may have a consultant that will help you narrow down you investment selection based on your age, risk tolerance and time frame as well as other investments you have outside of the 401(k). I would also suggest discussing your 401(k) ...(more)
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Shawn A. Wilson Level 9
Toni-What are your plans for the account? Do you need current income or are you waiting for a later time. Doing a rollover into an IRA may cost you more in the form of higher expenses and upfront or deferred sales charges, not to mention commissions. ...(more)
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Because an amount equal to what you borrowed with be transferred from your investment selection to an interest bearing account - and you will lose market participation on that amount. Of course your investments can go down in the time period the loan ...(more)
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In general, if you have anything to do with the 401(k) plan, for example, you are listed as the contact for the plan in your 5500 or plan documents, you have fiduciary liabilities/duties. The best way to mitigate this liability is to work with the plan ...(more)
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Every 529 plan is different. Work directly with your financial advsior
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Term life insurance you are just paying for insurance and it is generally the most cost effective. However it only covers you for a finite period of time...the "term." Whole life costs more, will pay a small dividend and if funded correctly will cover ...(more)
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If you are a plan sponsor, you are serving as a fiduciary - UNLESS you have contractually delegated that function to an investment manager that has acknowledged fiduciary responsibility under ERISA section 3(38). Good luck!
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Ryan - I think it depends on your total Net Worth
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1) Please describe your overall advising and investment philosophy. 2) Will you act as a fiduciary at all times as defined by federal law? 3) Will you disclose all compensation clearly - in writing? 4) Will you be receiving third party compensation contingent ...(more)
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It depends on the carrier...403(b)'s are often annuity based. From a tax perspective, the contributions and rollover guidelines are the same.
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You can compare it to one of the numerous bond indexes that match the type of bond you are measuring. Check out teh various indexes at
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Carolyn Taylor Level 15
Your savings will be spread among a number of assets because a Target Date Fund (TDF) invests in a variety of underlying funds, however diversification is not quite that simple. The question is the overall asset allocation and how it will change over ...(more)
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Index funds are mutual funds which are designed to match the performance of a market index. As an example, a mutual fund may be intended to track the Russell 3000 Index. Such funds are usually passively managed, and as such, tend to capture the increases ...(more)
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Purchasing the stock of a company provides investors with an ownership interest in a public company. It gives the investor an opportunity to participate in the appreciation and depreciation in the price of the stock over time. Additionally, stockholders ...(more)
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