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Ted S. Rich Level 12
The intuitive answer to this question is actually the correct one -- he probably cannot. One of the most important items any client needs to understand fully about any financial product or advice offering is this one -- how EXACTLY does the person offering ...(more)
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I agree with Ted - well said, Ted!
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In most cases, my answer would be "no", but as usual that answer comes with some caveats. The following is what I believe is the order in which one should invest their excess cash flow. First, contribute to your 401K plan to the level where any company ...(more)
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Ted S. Rich Level 12
This is very dependent on the advisor's business model and on the needs of the client, but most of the time the answer to this question is No. The technology age we live in now allows advisors of all types to work very effectively with most clients regardless ...(more)
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Jean this is an excellent question. The answer is that it depends. Many larger company 401(k) plans offer a menu of solid, low cost options with relatively low administrative costs due to their size and buying power. This is not universal to all large ...(more)
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