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In Life and Retirement Planning “It’s Never a Mystery”

State College, PA – The common phrase “it’s never a mystery”, should end with, “except for the people involved”.

Is it a mystery why the athlete medals in the Olympics? Not when you consider the coaching, training, years of perfecting technique, and all the pieces that it takes to win. In contrast, most people see a guy living on bench with ragged clothes and dirty long hair; the perception is “it’s not a mystery” often underlined with pity or sympathy. I am not sure if this old adage, “it’s never a mystery”, applies to life, but it does most often apply to financial planning. Why do we see so many planning mistakes made in the area of investments, insurance, and taxes?

Behavioral science tells us we need to be able to step outside of ourselves, observe how we are operating, reflect on improvements, theorize how we could change it, and then test out a solution. The reality, this is very hard for most people, especially when their financial security is at stake. For those of us who are not natural-born scientists of self-analysis, coaching may well be the best possible solution for cultivating the skills needed to make the best personal decisions.

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