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Stepping back to see the bigger picture.


Most of the time, people have a specific question on their minds. But, they don't step back to look at the bigger picture and how this particular question that they have may fit into the larger financial planning picture and how this question and its' answer are related to other questions they've had.

My blog serves as my newsletter with information on many topics readily searchable  - and with hints how to behave and react to certain market making news events. Most people find a blog posting to be helpful on a topic they've been wondering about because the blog posting steps back and looks at the broader topic first and this allows a person to see how their particular situation may fit into the broader perspective.


Here are a couple examples  …



I’m a Planner, not a Prophet … for a little insight into how to think about planning. About investing … Why evolution has made us bad investors.


Should you consider working with a Fee-Only adviser? Are Advisers Worth Fees? (Morningstar) and Quantifying The High Value Of Advisor Advice (Vanguard).


And a somewhat technical look at the 4% rule of thumb retirement income to see how it fits into a more dynamic method to measure and monitor retirement income as you age: Retirement Income – a comparison between two approaches.


Other topics are covered in the blog ... simply use the search box found down the right side. Pleasant reading.


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