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Do you know how to change to reach your goal?

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Financial planners, including myself, tend to do a good job showing you where you are financially today, and where you need to be to reach that goal of yours … say retirement, the goal for most people.

However, the financial planning process is short on helping you bridge the now with the future … and overcoming your past habits. To actually do this bridging, tends to be the main hurdle.

Oftentimes, a person isn’t aware they need to make changes. Often times they’re aware, but unwilling, to make adjustments. Only when someone is ready and willing, do adjustments happen.

Why adjustments? Because most people tend to be in the habit of spending everything … and the adjustment is the need to change past spending habits in order to save the money for their newly recognized future need and desire.

This short presentation How have you been doing (you may click on the link to go to the 7 slides) should help you evaluate how prepared you are to doing what you yourself say you should do, and need to do, to make any progress. 

Here are some concrete steps if you need a bit more suggestions and guidance on "Switching" than just this insight into yourself: When Change is Hard.
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