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50 Things: What a Professional Financial Advisor Does for You


Have you ever wondered what a good adviser should do for you? Below is a link (50 Things) to a great summary. And … remember … ask what they are the expert professional in and how they handle those areas where they are not as up to speed expertise wise.

You should look for one specializing in what you need instead of a “Jack of all trades.”

You may look over the list of things in the graphic to zero in on what you are looking for, and the categories, through this link 50 Things an adviser does for you ( from Better Financial Education).

Moral of the Story: Once you have determined what you are trying to do, the next step is finding who can do that with you. A great tool to use for advisers to answer (preferably in writing back to you using this tool) is the NAPFA's Comprehensive Financial Advisor Diagnostic and their find a fee-only advisor website.


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