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Who’s Helping You With Your 403(b) Account

Do you feel like you’ve been left to “do it yourself”?

Or are you doing it yourself because you fear you’ll only hear
a pushy sales pitch if you ask for help?

As an independent advisor, I have assisted educators and employees of non-profit organizations with their 403(b)s for  25 years.

  • I emphasize education – I am ready to give you my unbiased opinion and my perspective resulting from years of experience. 
  • I stick around – My clients know that they can turn to me today and tomorrow, as I have maintained relationships with them. Rather than doing just the minimum, I want to provide you with ongoing advice as changes in your life affect your financial situation and objectives.
  • Unbiased advice – No cookie-cutter solutions here. Being independent means I have the freedom to search the 403(b) options available to you and recommend the ones I feel best suited to your needs. Unlike some advisors, I’m not bound to offer you just a few options – so I can truly search for the solutions I feel will be most suitable to my clients, based on their unique needs and circumstances.

Your 403(b) is potentially one of the best retirement savings vehicles you have. An ongoing relationship with a financial consultant may help you to realize that potential, and help you to avoid impulsive decisions that could have a negative impact on your 403(b) plan account.

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