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Our Strategy to Tame the Turbulent Teens



Talk about clichés!  Our base assumption is 3: 2: 1.  There are three big risks, two vast opportunities, and one great challenge.


The three big risks are: 


1.   Slow growth rates:  Excessive debt burdens and developed world demographics imply slow or no growth.  This is a shift from the pattern since World War II.  We therefore assume free cash flow will be sole driver of equity returns. 

2.  Debasement of paper money:  Central Banks are printing unprecedented amounts of money to avoid severe deflation. We believe you should own stuff: farm assets, infrastructure assets, strong currencies, fungible commodities in the ground, etc. to anticipate this risk. 


3.     3.  Interest rates:  The cost of money remains phony and creates distortions.  Ours will not remain a zero-interest-rate world forever. Focus on strong balance sheets; seek to avoid assets that are particularly sensitive to the cost of money changing.


The two vast opportunities are: 

1.       An aspiring world with an emerging global middle class yearning for better food, clothing, education, luxuries, travel, etc. and the infrastructure to support it... 

2.       An aspiring world needing security, both public and private: most want a strong national defense and a crime-free cyber space.  Everyone wants secure energy supplies, safe water, a clean ecology, assured retirement income, and a place to keep assets that won't be expropriated.


The one challenge:

1.       The challenge is finding Stores-of-Value in an Age of Uncertainty & Manipulation.


The Barrack Yard approach is to embrace opportunity through investing in companies that meet our definition of the three constructs known as:

a. perpetual annuities

b.  toll-takers

c.  rarities

Equally, we seek to mitigate risk by adhering to:

a.  our 3-pronged investment philosophy

b.  the 5-enduring principles

c.  an investment process toolset developed over many years.


For more information, please visit www.BarrackYard.com.  


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