IRS Tax Tips

When you think about the IRS, what’s the first thought that comes to your mind? Taxes? Stress? Refunds? Help? Hmm… Since taxes make up a decent portion of financial planning, it is always important to have more resources to reference.

Good news is: the IRS has increased the consumer information on their website. They have recently released a list of reasons to visit and I must say the tips are extremely helpful! They have provided many helpful ideas and tips for your tax filing needs.

1. Free File: If you need to file your tax return, you can e-file for free by using IRS Free File. If you earned $60,000 or less you can prepare and e-file your taxes using free brand name tax software. If you made more, you can use Free File Fillable Forms. This option is the electronic version of IRS paper forms.  

2. Check on Your Refund : You can check on your refund with the Where’s My Refund Tool

3. Understand the new Health Care Laws: has information about the Affordable Care Act at You can visit this site for details on how the health care law affects your taxes. It provides details about health insurance coverage, exemptions, premium tax credits, among other health care related issues.

4. Check a Charity Status: In order to deduct your charitable contributions, you must donate to a qualified charity. The IRS Select Check Tool can help with this.

5. IRS Direct Pay: If you owe taxes, you can pay directly through IRS Direct Pay. This will allow you to pay from your checking or savings account.

Will you be using any of the IRS tools to help prepare your taxes? Which tip did you find most helpful

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