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What Sheri’s Been Reading: February 2015 Edition


  • The Biggest Threat To Your Portfolio (The Reformed Broker) You.
  • It’s Hard to Top Traditional Diversification (ServoWealth) “Regardless of what you’ve been told by Wall Street marketing departments, there is no need to chase alternative asset classes with relatively high fees, opaque strategies and extreme tax inefficiency.”
  • Risk Management Always Matters (A Wealth of Common Sense) “The point of asset allocation is to diversify your risks and manage your emotions.
  • Planning for Healthcare Costs in Retirement (Roger Wohlner) “A couple retiring in 2014 is expected to need $220,000 to cover health care costs in retirement, according to a study byFidelity Investments.
  • How You Can Finally Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking (Fast Company) “You need to practice skills like breathing, structure, and rhythm.
  • Five Things Successful People Do Before They Go To Bed (Forbes) “The time before going to bed is critical to ensure that one closes out the day that has passed, plans for the day ahead, but it is also critical that the mind is calmed so that one has a restful sleep.”
  • How Your Social Security Benefit Is Calculated (Morningstar) Years of employment (and unemployment), wage inflation, a weighted insurance amount formula, mortality tables, and inflation adjustments all factor in.
  • Why Active Management Fell Off a Cliff – Perhaps Permanently (The Reformed Broker) “2014 was the worst year for actively managed mutual fund performance in three decades.

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