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The Difference Between Retirement Education and Investment Education

In a recent article in PlanSponsor magazine, 7% of employees feel very knowledgeable about their investments with 12% feeling confident.  That leaves the 81% of your employees in the dark.

So what gives?

Most plans offer retirement education only, not investment education.  The difference is that retirement speaks to how much an employee needs to save for a secure retirement.  This is overly done through retirement calculators and various materials that are produced by every vendor on the planet.  Retirement education has become commoditized.

Granite Group knows that many people are intimidated by investments simply because there is a lack of knowledge.

Employers can do it right!  The enrollment meeting provides the perfect venue for investment education.  Educate people on the investments and how those investments are affected based on what is going on in the world.  Go through each investment, what they do, and what effects their valuation.  The process is informative, short, and the employee walks away with a new level of confidence.

Granite Group provides investment education in the form of quarterly comments, monthly brochures on particular investment themes, blogs on markets, and additional information.  We then mention what investment inside the plan could be affected.

The process keeps employees informed on the markets and what's happening with their investments.  As an example, provide educational materials on what happens to a bond fund when rates go up, etc.

Lastly, Granite Group Advisors allows employees to call us for investment clarification!

If you are looking for a safer, more transparent, cost effective plan, with professional investment education:  Please call 203-210-7814 to discuss implementing a better plan for your employees.

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