Consumer Protection

As security breaches and hacking becomes more prevalent, protecting your digital self has become more essential. We’ve listed five steps to making your identity safer. 

1. Check your credit report annually. Make sure all information is correct and that there aren’t any fraudulent claims or incorrect information on your file. 

2. Protect your Social Security Number: Avoid carrying your social security card or any identification that may include your number. It’s important to note that  health insurance cards often have it listed. 

3. Clean out your briefcase and purse: Only carry the credit and debit cards you use. That way, if your belonging is stolen, the thief won’t have access to all of your accounts. 

4. Keep your receipt: Save your receipts until your account is charged. Once it is, make sure to shred your papers securely. 

5. Minimize Your Profile: Remove yourself from mailing and calling lists. The less information being circulated about you, the safer your identity. 

Has your identity ever been stolen? What did you do to protect yourself?

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