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If you want to work more with nonprofits and donors then...

If you love working with passionate donors and wish to engage deeper and more completely you may wish to get involved in a couple of organizations.  International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy a k a AIP and Partnership for Philanthropic Planning a k a PPP (old planned giving council national).

PPP operates in many of the major cities across America as the local planned giving councils.  They re branded to include major gifts and other gifting strategies so they changed names.  Education and networking are the main elements.

The AIP or International Assoc. of Advisors in Philanthropy has annual conference in Chicago in April.  I have attended this several times and recommend it to you.  They also encourage you to check out American College graduate program CAP or Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy.  I recommend it as well and you can find information at American College website www.theamericancollege.edu .

If you prefer to gather around the fundraiser side of nonprofits then I would suggest checking out AFP or the Association of Fundraising Professionals as they have many local groups.  These are FUN people and you will enjoy them.

Blessings to you in these noble efforts.  Do good while doing well.

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