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SDO in the Retirement Plans World especially 401(k)'s

SDO is Self-Directed Option.  Did you know that over 50,000 401(k) plans, most 403(b), 401(a), and 457 plans allow for individual participant account management.  The advisor on the account does not have to be on record for the plan but simply steps into the brokerage window.  The participant's funds are managed within their account, adding management is not a withdrawal.  The Patriot Act of 2006 places risks on employers and sponsors for providing advice.  You are very likely able to have this SDO on your plan.  You do not call your benefits department for this rather you contact the custodian and they can tell you if the SDO is available.  

This is a fast changing trend that most retirement plan want to add this option as another way to reduce liabilities. The companies you know as leaders in the retirement plan world are likely the same companies that offer this unique and newer option.  The oldest recorded SDO was when State Street provided it's employees this option back in 1992.  Since then there are at least 2 dozen I am aware of that are integrated into over 50,000 plans and growing.

Realize that having help and increased options of where to invest are two of the greatest complaints about current 401(k) plans.  Your current advisor could also help you for a fee better plan your company retirement plan.  If you don't have an advisor start asking questions and read more about your options.

Let me remind you that the money never leaves your current custodian- this is not a in service transfer rather having SDO allow access to those advisors that are informed of these changes and are embracing helping you and your retirement planning.


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