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Financial Planning - "Simple but not Easy"

Like many important things in life, Financial Planning "big picture" can in many ways be described as being something that is "Simple but not Easy."

Yes, it's not literally simple in that comprehensive Financial Planning involves many components and requires expertise in a number of areas.  That said, I would argue that "Simple but not Easy" is still an apt description for most people.

Want to plan for a successful retirement? Project a budget for down the road based on your current spending and obvious changes that will occur and determine how much you need to save to get you there - Simple, right?  And yet, the vast majority of people failt at this because it's not easy.

Already retired and don't want to run out of money?  Just figure out how much you can afford to spend each year and stay within that amount and make adjustments along the way as needed - Simple in theory but in practice, not so easy based on how many people have difficulty doing this.

Financial Planning isn't "easy" not so much because it's necessariy complicated but because successful "behavior" in this realm often goes against both human nature as well as the messages we receive in society to just consume consume consume.  The highest value of a financial planner is to help people counter these impulses that often serve as a detriment to their longer-term financial security.

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