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Don't judge your value by your wallet

Think back to being in grade school. The times when you had to work on an assignment or a project. Then came getting a grade on the work. Sometimes there were no grades but certificates, stars, or even smiley faces. You were recognized in how much effort you applied as well as the result. Even if the result was not first place, you may have still felt some pride in what you accomplished to get there.

Although it would be nice to live life again through a series of stars or smiley faces on our work, creating a living for oneself and a family is often judged by other factors. We begin to look at what some others have to contrast and compare where we are in life. How much of feeling good or bad about your financial situation is based upon your perception over what the public thinks it should be?

The harshest of self-judgment may come from what you see in the media, both news and social. You see an article in one of the 300+ financial sites and on the home page is some headline discussing where you should be in your financial life. If you read the article, they may have a group of experts that evaluate the financial position of several people in different age groups. The experts provide insight (ok, judgment) as to where they should be compared to where they are. As you read on you may find yourself with questions. Where did they find these people? How can they have saved so much money? My assets are not even close to that amount and we are several years older than them.

If you have been in this position, which nearly everyone has at one point, it can call for a rush of anxiety to come over you. Now suddenly everything you are doing seems so wrong. You feel so far off where you should be and the pressure builds. But wait just a minute and take a deep breath. Some couple in an article that you have never met and certainly do not live in their shoes is now controlling how you feel about your own sense of worth? Is a website being judge and jury of your situation? Conversely, think if you had saved several times more than the people in the article. The same thing happens in reverse. People may express conceit over being better off than the people in the article.

For most people that come and talk with us it is understood, our roles, our support, our help revolves around where you want to go. Where you are is the starting point and for each person and family, it can be very different. We do not offer judgment, we offer objective advice and appropriate suggestions.

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