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You may not need Long Term Care Insurance

No need to protect the Retirement Income of a Spouse.

No need or care to protect Assets for Children or Grandchildren.

You are already on Medicaid.

You often have trouble now paying for utilities, food, medicine or other basic essentials.

On the other hand, here are some reasons you might NEED Long Term Care:
You have Assets you need or want to protect.
You need or want to protect the Retirement Income of your Spouse.
You desire to protect and care for the Assets you want to pass on to your Children,
or Grandchildren in the future.
You don’t want to become a Burden to your Children, or Grandchildren.
You want to remain Independent for as long as possible.
You see protecting your Nest Egg as a wise, Stewardship decision for the Benefit of ... your Spouse,
Children, Grandchildren, Church and favorite ministry organizations.
Remember, there are also "hybrid" LTC solutions in many States:
These "hybrid" LTC solutions are often "riders" on annuities, or special riders on your Life Insurance contracts to provide for nursing, home care or other options.  Many of these options did not exist before 2007, as the Pension Protection Act changed the definition of death and now insurance carriers are providing some hybrid options.
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