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Questions to ask to make sure you have the right advisor for your company retirement plan

  • Has your advisor informed you about plan sponsor obligations under 408(b)(2) and 404a regulations that went into effect on July 1st?
  • Is your advisor providing fiduciary education to help you understand the nature and scope of responsibilities and potential liabilities under the new DOL regulations?
  • Does your advisor provide procedures to help you address selection & monitoring of service providers, selection & monitoring of plan investments and administration & reporting?
  • Does the plan have the right mix of investment options delivered at a fair cost?  What is the average expense ratio of the funds available in your current platform?
  • Have you received all of the 408(b)(2) fee disclosures from  your service providers, e.g. recordkeeper, third party administrator, advisor?
  • How do you know if the fees are reasonable?
  • How will your advisor help you with the 404a participant fee disclosures?
  • How are your employees being informed about new fee disclosures?
  • Is your advisor a 3(21) fiduciary on your plan?
  • Will your advisor be able to provide investment advice to employees versus education under the new regulations?
  • Will your advisor be coordinating the IPI (Important Plan Information) and ICC (Investment Comparative Chart), reports that are required for distribution to employees under 404a by August 30th?


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