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Advanced Estate Planning

With January 2013 looming, change is about to happen - again - relative to the estate tax system in the united States.  A short video highlighting the changes slated for the end of 2012 and highlighting the window of opportunity for planning may be viewed at http://www.ifsguniversity.com/alert-window

Estate owners with more complex situations need to be aware of the tools available to them to achieve their estate planning objectives.  Such tools include:

  • The Dynasty Trust
  • Estate Freeze Planning
  • The Family Limited Partnership
  • Charitable Giving
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Asset Protection Mechanisms

A short video on "Advanced Estate Planning" may be viewed at http://www.ifsguniversity.com/aeplanning

A more comprehensive E-Seminar on "Advanced Estate Planning", along with collateral articles on the topic, may be viewed at http://www.ifsguniversity.com/adv-estate-plan

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