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Important Planning for Clients includes knowing Social Security Claiming options

According to SSA.gov there are estimated 10,000 new claims daily for Social Security Retirement Benefits.  Where are they getting advice for this decision?  According to www.ssa.gov they are not allowed to provide financial advice to those coming in the door.

Did you know there are potentially 9 differnt ways to claim Social Security and over one's lifestime there could be 4 or 5 different ways one is paid?  Spousal, Survivor, Solo, Restricted, or File and Suspend are some of the ways.

I get more expressions of gratitude from prospects and clients in this area than anywhere else in my practice over the past 26 years.  I bring on average an extra $100,000 on average to the clients pocketbook. Even those that say they will claim at the max age of 70 they are leaving typically more than $25,000 on the table of real money.

Get on this and serve them well is my suggestion.  I created a You Tube video recently and found it a great way to leverage my conversation.


Check it out and go help your clients and prospects really get clear and build trust with Social Security Timing planning.


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