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3 Key Areas Where Plan Sponsors/Employers Seek Help

A growing number of employers are realizing that their company retirement plan has changed significantly over the past several years. It still remains a great recruiting and retention tool but can also pose potential liability for you as the plan sponsor.

Fiduciary responsibilities
Plan Sponsors/Employers are looking more than ever to their advisors for help in understanding and managing their fiduciary responsibilities.  Given the new disclosure regulations and additional responsibilities, it is imperative that employers understand not only the plan fees and impact on investment options but the need to have a prudent process in place to support executive decisions made on behalf of the plan.
Plan performance
Plan Sponsors/Employers want their plan to perform well for their participants and look to their advisors for assistance with increasing participation, review and monitoring of investment options, controlling costs, providing oversight and accountability, along with employee education and guidance.

Educating employees
Plan Sponsors/Employers need substantive help to educate employees about the importance of plan participation, and of staying with the plan. Educated employees generally start contributing sooner, defer more and make better investment choices leading them closer to reaching their retirement goals. Experienced advisors can help employees answer the tough questions about their ability to retire successfully and control their investment risk.
A retirement plan has to fit the needs of the owners and corporate executives. Through a well-designed corporate retirement plan, there are many opportunities for owners, partners and key executives to significantly reduce both corporate and personal taxes as well as maximize their retirement plan contributions and benefits.  Additional features may allow them to diversify monies that may otherwise be tied up in their business.
If you would like more information or an independent review of your existing plan to identify potential problems and explore opportunities for improvement, please contact Peter Karp at 415-345-8185 or email peter@karpcapital.com.  

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