Screen It Clean It

Screen it clean it is a process to align your values with the corporations that do less harm against your values and align with your personal or nonprofits values. Put your investments where your heart is.

Example: Environmental Group or board member of environment group may want to avoid investing into mutuals funds that profit on casinos, big oil and strip mining operators.  A board member of women's advocate's group may wish not to invest industries or corporations that harm womens value in society.  Stay away from pornography, or those with bad promotion practices to overlook women.

Ask your broker if they could screen for you speicifc values like tobacco, or anti american value corporations?  Many of the screening services offer the ability to screen 17 core values.

You Tube has a few examples of screening services.  I posted one called "screen it clean it" recently if you want to see and get educated on how the process works.  I highly recommend this to other financial professionals as well.


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