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Fundamental Financial Planning

Fundamental Financial Planning

Protecting what you have and your ability to earn.

Helping people preserve, protect and enhance what they work so hard for is part of a fundamental financial plan.  It requires a customized and uniquelydeveloped plan that efficiently covers as many bases as possible, and to use a team approach that capitalizes on the talents and knowledge of the client’s entire professional advisory team.

There simply is no financial planning concept that can do more to help in this regard than the concept of insurance. The emphasis is on the concept of, and not the product of insurance.

 In simple terms the beginning of a good and sound fundamental financial plan should cover at least the following bases:

·         Provide replacement of income if the client dies too soon.

·         Provide for replacement of earnings if the clients career is cut short for reasons other than death.

·         Provide for protection of the home, and adequate options for displacement.

·         A proper investment environment where investment decisions are made based on what makes financial sense.

·         An investment environment that is efficient so that the best opportunity is there to help make the pot grow.

Most high net worth and successful people seek out the talents of professionals that are not only experienced in listening to the client but also highly knowledgeable and creative in helping the client successfully solve and plan for the client’s future. This includes a sound business plan, a financial plan, and an estate plan. None of those plans are implemented using prepackaged and mass marketed products. Those plans are carefully structured and designed based on the actual client wants, needs and the advice provided to the client. They are custom plans, each of which is unique to the client for which the plan was developed.


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