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College Preparation Calendar

Many parents begin planning for their child's education at a young age. As your child nears the end of high school, it is a good idea to have a calendar of events for the college selection process.  Here is a calendar to use during their senior year of high school.



  • Attend college fairs
  • Visit college campuses before making the final cut
  • Decide which schools to apply to, and mail the applications
  • Early decision applications are typically due in November--check with each school
  • General admissions process begins


  • Gather financial aid information--attend financial aid nights
  • Apply for financial aid and complete FAFSA
  • Obtain and review student aid report--make necessary revisions
  • Complete other financial aid forms


  • Compare financial aid packages offered by various colleges
  • Make final decision--which school will it be?
  • Pay deposit to college


  • Buy supplies
  • Work to earn spending money
  • Prepare to move if you're going away to school
  • Get settled in your dorm/apartment
  • Learn about employment and extracurricular activities on campus and the nearby area
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