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Planning Your IRA Distributions - Workshop at Darien Community Association

Planning Your IRA Distributions

Thursday, March 28

at 11:00am

Learn how to build a solid financial plan for working toward your retirement goals, to make the retirement you envision a reality. In this one-hour workshop, instructor and Private Wealth Manager Karen Goersch, of Price Financial Group, will cover retirement planning topics such as:


  1. Making your assets last: required minimum distributions and the Stretch IRA Strategy
  2. Planning strategies for account owners and beneficiaries: basics of beneficiary designations and designing a beneficiary strategy, and
  3. Distributions rules for account owners and beneficiaries for both traditional and Roth IRAs.

Join us!
Thursday, March 28th

11:00am $10 DCA members, $20 public price

Reservations are requested. Reserve your seat online at dariendca.org or contact the DCA at 203-655-9050 or info@dariendca.org. The DCA is located at 274 Middlesex Road in Darien, CT.

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