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Are you Graduating this Spring? Interview Tips to Help you Stand Out From the Crowd

What employers look for


Well-rounded individuals

Employers look for well-rounded individuals who are involved in extracurricular activities.  People who have a passion that they have developed.  Be able to describe what you have achieved and how it might apply to the working world. 


Strong work ethic

Internship experience counts and is a good starting point for developing your work history on a resume.  Consider doing an internship following graduation if you haven’t had much experience.  Employers often use internships as a lead in for employment.


In person communication skills

Be able to communicate what you have done so far and put a positive light on things.  Show excitement about what you have accomplished and look at failures as learning experiences, not obstacles.


What you can do


Research the company

Try to learn something about the company that is not on their website.  Everyone interviewing for a position will do their homework on the company.  Taking this a step further will make you stand out from the crowd.


Emphasize your leadership skills

Not everyone is a 4.0 student with a perfect resume.  Show an employer that you have the ability to lead others and work through tough situations.  This will demonstrate you have the capability to handle yourself in a workplace environment.


Create the right persona

Employers will Google you.  Begin to develop your online image by presenting yourself in a professional manner.  Start by creating a LinkedIn profile, then connect with your peers and professionals you know.  Spending time being an active member on LinkedIn is more productive than posting pictures of yourself partying on Facebook.  

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