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College Planning Basics

A college education might be one of the most important investments you'll ever make. But the benefits of increased earning power and expanded horizons come at a price--college is expensive. Factor in more than one child, and the financial picture can seem particularly bleak.
Our "OnDemand" e-seminar addresses the following topics:
  • Making the College Dream a Reality
  • Estimating Your Costs
  • How Are You Going to Pay for College?
  • Focus on Your Savings
  • College Savings Options
  • 529 Plans
  • 529s and Estate Planning
  • Coverdell ESAs, Saving
  • Bonds, UGMA/UTMA
  • Comparing Your Options
  • Evaluating Your Situation

A short video introduction to this tipc may be viewed at "http://www.ifsguniversity.com/college".

The full e-Seminar may be viewed at "http://www.ifsguniversity.com/collegebasic"



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