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Can an advisor assist with setting up/pymt options from ESOP account?

Mar 02, 2014 by lisa from Portland, OR in  |  Flag
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Don't see why not. Seek a local advisor who will accept hourly fee engagements. Search this website, or search National Association of Personal Financial Advisors at www.napfa.org to find an advisor near you.

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Sure an advisor can assist with this. Check with the adminstrator for the ESOP plan first, they may be able to give you the help you need. An advisor will be able to help you with the best tax strategies for taking these distributions as well as managing the proceeds.

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If you still happen to be working for the company with the ESOP their are most likely restrictions in place given the nature of the fact the company needs to "buy back" the shares via their repurchase obligation account. You might also be able to rollover your funds into the 401(k) account or possibly an IRA to assist with tax issues. As stated above, contact the administrator of the plan at your current/former company and ask them specifically what your options are. In many cases, there is an advisor to the plan that is well versed in the specific plan and can assist you with no additional fee.

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Yes, of course, they can. I had a great experience with financial management Oregon company, they can also assist you the best.

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