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What types of performance and financial planning software do you use as an RIA or CFP?

I work for an RIA in SF and we are looking at new options to improve our services for our clients, and I wanted to get some ideas on what other firms have been looking at. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Mar 03, 2014 by Erik from San Francisco, CA in  |  Flag
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Erik, thanks for your question. The BrightScope forum is focused more on the personal rather than the business side of planning. I recommend you visit the Financial Planning Association website (www.fpanet.org) for information on your question. This group often discusses business related topics and is a great resource for any RIA.

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Thanks for the feedback Pam. I really appreciate it.

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Pam Horack, CFP®

You're welcome!

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Erik, I use a variety of software.

1) I use Moneyguide Pro for Comprehensive Plans. I like its retirement cash flows better than what's available from Morningstar Office. I have been using this 8-10 years 2) I use Morningstar Office for Portfolio Management, Reporting, Client Billing etc. I have found it meet 80-90% of my needs. Its supports feeds from most custodians. I have been using it since 2010. Previously used Albridge for some minimal reporting. 3) I also use Portfolio 123 for backtesting different individual stock strategies. Its a very small part of my business. I do find it interesting to test out various theories I read up on. 4) Excel for custom modeling of anything that doesn't fit in with the remainder of my work.

I can tell you that Excel can really be used for almost anything but the software tool are time savers from an integration perspective. They are also less likely to have human error than a spreadsheet.

Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to discuss anything I use.

Regards, Steve

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