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Where do I find my statement?

Jul 26, 2014 by Zankhana from Whitehall Township, PA in  |  Flag
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I would talk to the HR department at your job. They should be able to help.

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Larry R Frank Sr Level 20

Your question doesn't say what kind of statement - 401k, mutual fund, bank savings account, etc., or how long it has been since you've seen the last one. Are you looking for your first statement? O has it been awhile since your last one?

If the account was set up at your employer, then Curt's answer is a good place to start. If not at your employer, if you remember the name of the institution, Google the financial institution's name where you remember opening the account and contact them. Most places can find your account via your Social Security account number and other info you'd need to verify you to them.

You may have said you wanted online statements instead of paper statements too. In that case, you'd have to remember to setup online access for statement. Typically, important information is also sent by snail mail ... but if you've moved and didn't change your address you wouldn't get those either.

It's typically a good idea to keep either some paper to know how to contact financial institutions, or some file you can find on your computer with that same information. It's your responsibility to keep the company informed how to contact you so you continue to receive statements and other information. They won't know if something changes unless you tell them it has.

I wish you the best as you continue to track that down.

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