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Can I have a number to call someone in regards to my ESOP stock and what to do with it?

Oct 03, 2014 by Jorge from Fontana, CA in  |  Flag
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Good afternoon and thank you for your question. There are many options that are available to you with ESOP stock. They would depend on the actual stock, what is the outlook for it is this a good stock to hold long term, as well as your age and how it fits in to your over all plan. You can always call the company that handles your ESOP plan but they usually just provide you with "data" not advise on what to do. You should seek to speak with a Fee Only Registered Investment Advisor, as we are by law have to place your interest first and are not compensated by a commission. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions. Sincerely Michael Mezheritskiy, Visionary Private Wealth Management Group office: 860.341.4500 email: Michael@VisionaryPWMG.com

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Layton Jacob Cox Level 11

If Michael isn't your man, feel free to give me a call as well.

(520)299-5875 lcox @2pathways.com

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