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Do I rollover my 401k to my other investments that are in Life Partners, or do I leave them where they are at?

My 401k has been on avg. at 10-14% for the last 5years. I have about 130k in it. The Life Partners investments, I have 70k in.

Oct 03, 2014 by Michael from Lamesa, TX in  |  Flag
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I would recommend speaking to an advisor who can take a look at your 401k plans and invstment options and provide some advice on the best course of action. Keep in mind the market has been growing for 5 years straight, so lots of accounts are showing very high rates of return. Understanding the level of risk being taken is key to judging the overall performance.

You may want to consider a fee-only advisor who you can pay for fiduciary (in your vest interest) advice, because many brokerage reps will need you to move your money to them in order to earn commissions and fees, which may not be beneficial for you at all. I would be happy to speak to you about this in a free consultation. Dan - 617-971-8323

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Tunc Tanin Level 10

You should talk to an advisor who you can work with. It would not make much difference whether the advisor is fee only or commissioned based, there are highly qualified advisors in both worlds. You should ask trusted friends for a recommendation.

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Layton Jacob Cox Level 11

I would say it depends on the fees.

You should ask for a 408(b)2 fee disclosure from your 401k provider and then ask your life partner's rep for a fee disclosure from them as well.

If the 401(k) has lower fees, keep the money in there.

If the life partner's has a lower fee, roll the money over to them.

You can't control the return of the markets or your investments, but you can control fees. Choose to pay less for the same performance.

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