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From TP, I purchased spousal insurance from employer when married, Now divorced, Is the policy still be valid? Txs?

Nov 02, 2014 by teresa from Overbrook, PA in  |  Flag
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Rich Winer Level 20

Teresa, The answer to your question depends on the type of policy you purchased. If it was a term policy where you made regular ongoing payments, if you're no longer making payments, then it's probably no longer in force. If you're still paying premiums, then it would still be in force. If you purchased a whole life or universal life policy and it's paid-up, then the policy would also still be in force. You should check with the insurance company just to be sure. If the policy is still in force, as the owner you should be able to change the beneficiary. Hope this answers your question.

3 Comments   |  Flag   |  Nov 02, 2014 from Woodland Hills, CA

Hi yes I am still paying the premiums and I am the beneficiary, he is terminally ill and concerned about paying burial expenses. Thanks for your response, Rich.

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Rich Winer

No problem. As long as you are the owner and still paying premiums, the policy should still be in force.

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Rich Winer

Tunc makes a good point below. You should definitely check the insurance policy documents and call the insurance company to be sure that your policy is still in force. If not, and you have been continuing to pay the premiums, you should ask about getting a refund if your policy is not still in force.

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Tunc Tanin Level 10

Teresa, Some group life policies cancel when you get divorced. Please talk to a professional insurance agent, It all depends what the policy documents say. It is not clear from your question who the owner of the policy is. If it is the company as I suspect, it will all depend what the group life policy says. Rich's advice is good but it only applies to personally owned policies. I have seen group life polices terminate when you file for even seperation. Your question seems to be about a group life policy.

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