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How can I obtain a copy of the Terms of Withdrawal on my 403-B Tax Shelter Annuity?

I need a copy of the Terms of Withdrawal on my 403-B account to fulfill a document requirement for a mortgage loan. How to I get a copy?

Nov 29, 2014 by Wayne from Kelseyville, CA in  |  Flag
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Larry R Frank Sr Level 20

You may obtain a copy of that by calling the company that administers your 403b. Look at your statement to see what company does that (the company name would be the logo on the statement). Your statement should also have information how to contact them for questions.

Be careful though about withdrawing money though so you avoid taxes and penalties. Hopefully you are looking for this document simply to comply with needing it for the paperwork, and not needing this document as a source of funding a down payment for the mortgage. If in doubt, talk to your tax preparer about the ramifications of using your 403b as a down payment source (I can't tell from your question what the real purpose of needing that document is).

Congrats on going through the mortgage loan process - best wishes on being successful.

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Veronica Azucena Lopez

you can reach your human resource department and they should get you directly in touch with the provider. If you are no longer working for the company you should be able to get company name via a statement like Larry stated above.

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Brian G Mahoney Level 6


Here's the IRS link. Prior to any withdrawal make sure you understand the consequences.

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