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How Can I Get a Sample QDRO?

Jan 13, 2012 by marcia from Jacksonville, FL in  |  Flag
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There seems to be a pretty good web resource at - http://www.qdropedia.com/ I have not used it for this purpose, but I believe you should be able to get what you need there. 1. Select the state-specific QDRO form that best suits your needs. Getting the right form is easy. First, browse the QDRO forms categories that appear below. After clicking the appropriate category, you will be directed to a menu of states. Select your state, and you will then be ready for step two. 2. Download the state-specific QDRO form that you have selected - all forms are available for immediate download upon approval of your credit card payment. You can also choose to receive a hard copy at no additional cost. 3. In most situations, after downloading your form, you will merely need to fill in the blanks. Because all of our QDRO forms are in MSWord format, they are easy to edit and modify to fit your individual needs.

Remember, this is a legal document and it is state specific so I HIGHLY encourage you to seek professional assistance from an attorney specializing in Divorce law in your state. It is easy to make mistakes in this area so be sure you review everything you sign carefully and preferably with your Divorce attorney.

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Stephen Patrick Ahern

That may simply be a provision of the plan. You will have to wait. You should get a full copy of the plan document from the sponsor and that may shed some light on the requirements under the plan. They have to partition your part, but the plan does not have to pay it out, outside of its normal plan provisions.

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Steve Casull

Bonnie, if you were here, I would love to email you and meet you. You need to find a good FINANCIAL ADVISOR,
not a salesperson. watch your step, and have several advisors interview for this position. And do not sign on with the first pretty face. I have ooodles more to add, but it would run counter to the guidelines of this forum. Reject firms that had to be bailed out in 2008 2009 +. If a mechanic can't keep their own car running, do you want them fixing yours?

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