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Can a child of a deceased past employee receive his pension funds?

I received information from Social Security that my deceased son, a past employee of Wonder Bread, has pension funds held by your company. I am the Mother of decease with Power of Attorney to handle his matters and need to know how to apply for these benefits for his child. Please e-mail these instructions or call me @ 256-503-1503. Thanking you in advance. Linda

Dec 30, 2014 by Linda from Marion, AR in  |  Flag
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If you son elected a pension payout with residual benefits (i.e. one that does not stop at the death of the pensioner) then he would have been asked to name a beneficiary(ies). The plan administrator will have that information on file. Call the company's HR department and explain your situation. They will probably want you to send in a "short certificate"...document from the county where is will was probated identifying you as the executor with power to act on behalf of his estate. Once they have that information in hand, they will be prepared to deal with you to make sure any undistributed benefits get to the rightful beneficiary.

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Linda -

You need to direct your inquiry directly to the Human Resources Dept. at Wonder Bread.

Address: 313 Fougeron St, Buffalo, NY 14211 Phone: 716-893-2600; Website: http://www.wonderbread.com/

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Linda, you may also want to inquire to the HR department regarding any life insurance and/or accidental death/dismemberment policies your son may have had through his employment.

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John Essigman Level 17


Very sorry to hear about the loss of your son… I know how hard this must be for you.

In terms of your question, a power-of-attorney ceases at death. You must either be the executor or beneficiary of the policy or plan in question, otherwise Wonder Bread will not discuss it with you as it is private and confidential.

Warmest regards

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