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Is there any way I can print out my most recenty quartly statement of my 401K?

Jan 05, 2015 by Alyson from Manahawkin, NJ in  |  Flag
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Alyson, Yes, as long as the custodian provides on-line access. I would suggest calling the custodian and they can help you establish a user name and password to access your account on-line. If they do not have on-line access they may be in the process of mailing the 4th quarter statements. They should be out soon. Your HR department will have contact information for the custodian. Good luck.

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If your 401k custodian provides on-line access, the answer is yes. However, the statements for the fourth quarter of 2014 may not be available yet.

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You certainly should be able to. You need to identify who the provider is and then you should be able to go to their website and sign up for e-documents and alerts. If you have questions as to who your actual provider is you should contact your HR dept or look into your benefits package that would be offered by the company for which you work.

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Ben VerWys Level 5


These are all good responses thus far. I have also had quite good success in the past working with clients to obtain statements who did not utilize online access or have direct access to an HR department. The caveat is you would need to know which company holds the 401(k) plan. Many plans are held at some of the larger fund companies such as Fidelity, American Funds, Prudential, New York Life, etc. If you happen to have any idea which company the plan is with from past statements or can obatin the company name from someone within the company, you can likely call the 800 number listed on that company's website (which will usually be a separate toll free number for retirement plans), provide your social security number and they can look your account up, at which point they are usually pretty helpful sending you a duplicate copy statement.

It's not the most technical answer but it's one that usually works in the everyday world for many employees.

Hope it helps.

Ben VerWys

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You should contact the person in charge of HR and then, specifically, the one responsible for your 401k. Different 401k's will have different report based upon their technology and the custodian (entity actually holding the 401k plan assets). From there, determine whether this information can be accessed online. If so, most likely they have generated your Q4 report. Those custodians with better reporting systems would also allow you to see and print previous reporting periods as well. Best place to start is a review of the information distributed by the company and the information provided there.

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