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I received a notice from s.s. thatI had a retirement account plan #is 94-1444798-003. Can you give me details?

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When an employee terminates from service with an employer and has participated in the employer's retirement plan, a retirement benefit can accidentally be left behind. If you did not take a distribution when you left employment (or were not eligible for a distribution at that time) the employer must report your remaining benefit to the Internal Revenue Service via Form 8955-SSA. This information is shared with the social security administration who keeps it on file and then will later attempt to contact you about this pending retirement benefit. So it is possible that you may have still retirement plan assets with one of your former employers. I visited the DoL website and looked up the Tax ID you provided. It references the employer as Con-Way Inc. in Portland, OR. I would suggest you contact them and they should beable to help you. The phone number referenced in the 5500 filing form is 503-450-3710. If that doesn't work, try calling T. Rowe Price at 1-800-922-9945, or 1-800-213-3216 during business hours M-F. It appears as if T. Rowe Price is the plan's recordkeeper and may have information on the status of your benefits. Best of luck to you.

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